Hiring procedures

We would like to bring to your attention that Gujurly Education Center no longer accepts any paper-based or e-mailed applications or CVs since it has transitioned to the new Job Application Platform (JAP). All applications now must be completed and submitted through JAP.

We also thank you for your interest in employment at Gujurly Education Center. The recruitment process at the Gujurly Education Center is designed to be consistent, focused and fair in attracting and securing the most suitable person for the job being applied.

Our organization receives a great number of applications for each vacancy. Often, there are many applicants who fully meet all qualifications; however, only the limited numbers of competitive candidates are selected for further interviews, testing and demo lessons. In light of this, we recommend you only apply if you fully meet all qualifications for the position.

By submitting the properly and accurately completed application form you will increase the chances that your application will stand out among all other applications and draw attention of the selecting official.

Important: please note that application must be completed only in English. Applications completed in any other language will be deemed as incomplete.

Approximately within 2-3 week period prior to the beginning of each trimester, the Department Manager will invite the short-listed applicants to Gujurly Education Center for:

  1. interview;
  2. pre-employment test;
  3. demo lesson;
  4. meeting with General Director.

Important: Please note that Department Manager may contact you either via phone or e-mail that you indicated on your application. So please check your e-mail regularly to avoid missing any messages related to your application status. Please note that Gujurly Education Center does not reimburse travel costs associated with coming to the interview.

Due to the large number of applications it is not possible to contact each applicant individually regarding the status of his/her application. Therefore Department Manager will only contact the candidates selected for further consideration.